• Executive Board

    MAPE's Executive Board manages the business affairs of the Union. It adopts a budget, determines all expenditures of funds, authorizes concerted activities and determines the necessity or desirability to file lawsuits on behalf of the Union. In general, the Executive Board is empowered to take whatever action may be necessary to further the goals and objectives of the Union.

    Each MAPE bargaining unit is entitled to one Director for every one hundred (100) members or a majority thereof. In addition, there are two (2) At-large Directors elected by the entire MAPE membership.

    Executive Board elections are held every year, with half of the Board elected in even-numbered years and the other half in odd-numbered years. The Executive Board meets the third Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the MAPE office, 16 Mitchell Blvd., San Rafael. All MAPE members are encouraged to attend!

    Jairo Leiva

    Vice President
    Elizabeth Rodriquez

    Cathy Clary

    Rebecca Covarrubias

    Director, Bargaining Unit 1
    Ellen Leiva
    General Clerical and Related Clerical Technicians Unit

    Director, Bargaining Unit 2
    Steve Fleak
    Trades, Vocational, Custoial Unit

    Director, Bargaining Unit 2
    Ralph Lowe
    Trades, Vocational, Custodial Unit

    Director, Bargaining Unit 3
    Amanda Tomlin
    Public Services and Related Unit

    Director, Bargaining Unit 4
    Phillip Thomas
    (Technical Services, Regulatory and Related Unit)

    Director, Bargaining Unit 10
    Lucia Vieira
    Health and Human Services Workers Unit

    Director, Bargaining Unit 10
    Luis Olivera
    Health and Human Services Workers Unit

    Director, Bargaining Unit 10
    Sadegh Nobari
    Health and Human Services Workers Unit

    Director, Bargaining Unit 13
    Public Defender Attorneys Unit

    Director, At Large
    Rodolfo Mendoza

    Director, At Large
    Terri Fachko

    Director, Retiree
    Maya Gladstern

    Executive Director
    Roland Katz