• Executive Board

    MAPE's Executive Board manages the business affairs of the Union. It adopts a budget, determines all expenditures of funds, authorizes concerted activities and determines the necessity or desirability to file lawsuits on behalf of the Union. In general, the Executive Board is empowered to take whatever action may be necessary to further the goals and objectives of the Union.

    Each MAPE bargaining unit is entitled to one Director for every one hundred (100) members or a majority thereof. In addition, there are two (2) At-large Directors elected by the entire MAPE membership.

    Executive Board elections are held every year, with half of the Board elected in even-numbered years and the other half in odd-numbered years. The Executive Board meets the third Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the MAPE office, 16 Mitchell Blvd., San Rafael. All MAPE members are encouraged to attend!


    Erica Butler

    Erica began working for the County in January of 2017 in Public Assistance as an Eligibility Worker. Erica has experience working the CalFresh and CalWORKs programs, and with specialized Medi-Cal programs for specifically elderly and disabled households within the Grant Maintenance Operations unit. Since 2019, Erica has worked in the foster care unit where she determines eligibility to various federal and state funding sources for children and non-minor dependents in foster care and their related other programs, such as guardianship.

    When Erica first started, now MAPE president Elizabeth Rodriguez encouraged most of Erica's training class to sign up to become members of MAPE. Elizabeth stressed the importance of becoming a member vs. a fee-payer, and gave the class examples of the things MAPE could do and had done up until that point. In late 2017 Elizabeth encouraged Erica to join the 2018 bargaining team after she had expressed concerns and complaints about our bargaining contract and how MAPE needed to organize and unite to get a fair contract. Once Erica was on the bargaining team and got to see first hand how hard it can be to negotiate and bargain with an employer, it made her that much more dedicated to wanting to help our members and allowed her to see how sometimes what people think are small changes have a huge impact in other departments.

    Erica joined the Executive Board in 2021 and she enjoys feeling like what she does makes a difference and being a voice for MAPE members. Erica has networked with lots of other County employees through MAPE and made connections with fellow members, as well as met and developed great rapport with some of the leaders for the County. Being a part of this Board helps Erica stay grounded. Erica says "I will continue to keep the faith and stand proud with our membership to advocate for what's equitable, fair, and honest."

    Vice President
    Sadegh Nobari


    Cathy Clary
    Cathy started working for the County in March of 2007 doing Software Quality Assurance in IST. She was an "extra hire" (now called contingent hire) for 8 months, then became a regular hire that December. This was Cathy's first "union job". Cathy wasn't too involved until 2015 when her coworker and MAPE co-founder Maya Gladstern announced she was retiring. Cathy lamented "what will we do without you?" and she said "here, sign this petition to join the Board, oh and join the bargaining team, and I'll help you get the signatures." So Cathy jumped in with both feet and her encouragement, and became Secretary of the Board, plus having been on each bargaining team since then.  Being such an active MAPE member has enriched Cathy in many ways, from the good feelings that flow from helping people, getting to know other active members on the Board and bargaining teams, to learning about the wide variety of County jobs and the great people who make this County work.


    Steve Fleak
    Steve is one of the founding members of MAPE. He has been a union member for the 26 years he's been employed for the county. Steve works for DPW in the road maintenance division out of the Nacisio corporation Yard. What Steve likes most about his job is getting to work outside in many different locations throughout Marin county. He has great coworkers who enjoy the work they do. He enjoys serving the public and keeping them safe out on the roads.

    Steve comes from a union family and has always been active in the union. When the union became MAPE Steve was nominated to be a director for trades. Steve has been proud to serve MAPE's members as a director as well as a bargaining team member and shop Steward.

    Director, At Large

    Rodolfo Mendonza
    Rodolfo Mendonza works as an Employment Development Counselor with Employment and Training. He has been in his current position since September 2022 and was previously an Eligibility Worker with Public Assistance since 2015. Rodolfo has served on MAPE’s Executive Board as a Director At Large, on the Executive Committee, and the Finance Committee. Rodolfo signed up to be a MAPE member during new hire orientation and has been very much involved with monthly committee and member meetings, organizing, and promoting the union. Rodolfo believes in MAPE’s movement to improve working conditions, equitable pay, and contracts. He believes in protecting worker’s rights and empowering the membership. Rodolfo encourages all members to join our monthly meetings and actively participate in union activities.

    Director, At Large
    Jeff Bedoya

    Director, Bargaining Unit 1
    Brianne Kress
    Brianne, known as Roz by some, is an Office Assistant to the Training Phase 2 unit for Public Assistance. Brianne has served since October 2020, coming from a background in Telecommunications and IT Support. She joined the MAPE organization almost out of the gate upon hire knowing full well that a union is how we make our working experience better. Brianne now serves on MAPE’s Executive Board to understand our union and county workers better and to try to play a more key role in that. She believes in protecting workers from employers, and reminding them of their strength. She does what she can with the resources she has to help us all grow and become better in our roles here. Brianne hopes that all members of our union will join her in the cause.

    Director, Bargaining Unit 1
    Blanca Goodman

    Originally from Mexico, Blanca moved to the USA five years ago. With a degree in industrial administration, she worked in Sonoma County for two years before joining Marin County, where she completed her first year. Blanca is also a certified Community Health Worker from City College of San Francisco, passionate about healthcare equity and community development. Proudly, she is a member of the union MAPE, contributing to collective efforts for a better workplace and community.

    In her current role as Office Assistant III, Blanca strives to streamline administrative processes and support the efficient functioning of our office. Joining the union has been an integral part of my commitment to fostering positive change and advocating for fair treatment in the workplace.

    Outside of work, Blanca enjoys spending time with her loving spouse and their lovely dog, Trax.

    Director, Bargaining Unit 2

    Ralph Lowe
    Ralph Lowe has worked for the Department of Public Works for seven years. He started as a head plumber and all around jack of all trades, and now holds the responsibility of being the County's one and only locksmith, with more than 50 county buildings to secure. Ralph became a member of MAPE's Executive Board to make a difference for workers like him, and he is glad he did. "We have a hardworking and very passionate team. It's an honor to serve with them," he says. He is part of the Trades, Vocational, and Custodial Unit.

    Director, Bargaining Unit 3
    Juanita Zuniga
    Public Services and Related Unit

    Director, Bargaining Unit 4

    Travis Wiley

    Travis Willey has been a member for close to 7 years. He has worked for the Sheriffs Office since 2017 working in dispatch and in the jail. After realizing the importance of being in the union and wanting to make changes for his coworkers, he became a shop steward. Shortly after, he became a member of the Executive Board.

    Director, Bargaining Unit 10

    Oldhina Alatriste
    Oldhina Alatriste is an Eligibility Worker Bilingual dedicated to advocating for workers' rights and improving conditions in the workplace. With experience as an Office Assistant prior to her current role, Oldhina transitioned to her current position in May last year. Committed to the cause of empowering workers, she proudly serves on MAPE's executive board as a Bargaining Union 10 Representative. Stepping into this new role with humility and excitement, Oldhina is committed to representing county employees with integrity and dedication. Oldhina's journey with MAPE began when a union representative first spoke to her upon hiring, and since then, has been a staunch advocate for collective action. Having previously worked for the state of CA, Oldhina understands firsthand the significance of union participation in securing fair wages, contracts, and working conditions. She passionately believes in MAPE's mission to enhance workplace equity and encourages her colleagues to join in MAPE's efforts. Together, through active engagement and participation in union activities, MAPE strives to protect workers' rights and foster a stronger, more supportive work environment.

    Director, Bargaining Unit 10

    Elizabeth Rodriguez
    Elizabeth Rodriguez is an Eligibility Worker III bilingual in HHS, and has been with the County of Marin for 11 years. She is currently a representative for Bargaining Unit 10, as of April 2024. Elizabeth became a MAPE member in 2016, prior to that she was a fee payer until she needed MAPE's representation. MAPE's representation changed her view of unions, made her aware of why we need unions and showed her the importance of standing together. Elizabeth has enjoyed being a board member since 2017 and continue to keep serving.

    Director, Bargaining Unit 13

    Linda Dobra, Sr. RN

    Linda has been a nurse with HHS for over 20 years and is currently working in the Communicable Disease Prevention and Preparedness Unit. She has been a MAPE member with bargaining unit 13 since the county nurses joined the larger MAPE union. This is her third year on MAPE’s Executive Board. For Linda, it has been a very rewarding experience to serve on the board where she has learned to support our nurses and members. To be the strongest union possible, Linda believes members need to come together as an organized and effective group to advocate for fair wages and working conditions for everyone in our union.  

    Director, Retiree

    Maya Gladstern

    In January 1970, Maya began volunteering as a computer programmer for the County’s Data Processing Department. Within a few months, she started to be paid $10/hour as an extra hire employee. In September 1971, she was hired as a Programmer Analyst. Within a year, she became a Steward with the original MAPE and, as contracts expired, started serving on bargaining teams. Over the years, many changes occurred: MAPE affiliated with SEIU as Local 949; Data Processing became Information Services and Technology; after some promotions, Maya became a Senior Systems Support Analyst; and, in 1992, Maya was elected to the Executive Board of SEIU Local 949.

    After SEIU forced a merger of ten Northern California locals into Local 1021 in 2007, Maya fought to maintain services for her members in Marin. Despite her efforts, our union office was closed, all but one staffer was reassigned, and our $300,000 strike fund was confiscated. In the Fall of 2009, Maya worked with an attorney to clarify the requirements of the County’s PMR’s and State’s Meyers-Milias-Brown Act, prior to initiating the distribution of decertification petitions. Long story short, on July 1, 2010, the new, reconstituted MAPE reclaimed recognition to represent six of the seven bargaining units. The seventh unit followed ten years later. 

    In March 2015, after 35 years of service, Maya retired from the County and switched to the retiree seat on the MAPE Executive Board. She has also represented employees and retirees as a Trustee on the Board of the Marin County Employees’ Retirement Association since 2003. Additionally, she has served on several other community and nonprofit boards.