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    Marin County Without MAPE

    • If there is no MAPE, the County will decide what the wages, hours and working conditions are.  It will not have to bargain with employees. 
    • If there is no MAPE, the County may unilaterally change your wages and benefits, your hours of work, and your working conditions.
    • If MAPE did not represent County workers, the County could have cut vacation last year.  It tried in bargaining.  MAPE members very loudly said “NO.”
    • The more MAPE represented workers are union members, the stronger MAPE is.  The County knows how many members we have.  The fewer members we have the less power we have when we bargain.
    • Union workers across the Country make 27% more than their non-union counterparts.
    • As the percentage of the work force that is unionized has declined from about 30% in 1967 to under 15% today, middle class incomes have shrunk.*

    *Center for American Progress

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